Friday, December 11, 2009


Tin toys will always probably have that special appeal, for they enjoy a particular charm that seems virtually impossible to capture today. Perhaps their appeal lies in their bright colours, adopted so that the toys were attractive to the intended young audience.

That is why a book such as this will offer many hours of fascinating browsing, looking at these toys of a by-gone era which can only be marvelled at. All the more so, since the items select are rare, in many cases being unique.

Fortunately full colour has been used throughout this book, and great care has been taken both with the original photography and with the colour reproduction.

The book is divided into three sections corresponding to particular time periods: 19th century; 1900 to 1940; 1945 to 1970. Within each period, there are appropriate sub-division, such as nautical, aeronautical, novelty, horse-drawn and automotive.

The toys depicted are not only from Great Britain, but span the world, with natural emphasis on Germany, France, Italy and Spain, plus some Japanese.

An introduction is provided for each period, but the main thrust of this book is its illustration
s, and the fulsome captions provided with each toy depicted.

This book is offers a good reflection of the times, not only of toy manufacture, but also of the objects depicted, which range from the horse-drawn vehicles of the previous century to the robots of more modern times.

Clearly this is not a cheap book, but will provide many hours of enjoyment, simply flicking through its pages. --Model Collector

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