Wednesday, December 9, 2009


The 1948-1954 Hudson’s ‘step down’ unibody gave it a much lower center of gravity – and better handling – than any other American car of the period. And ‘Twin H-Power’ dual carburetors gave its 308 cubic inch six gobs of torque and enough power to win the NASCAR Championship from 1951 through 1953 and finish second in 1954. The Fabulous Hudson Hornets won 31 of the 35 races they started in 1952! Once in a while there’s a model that’s just right in every respect and Highway 61’s ’52 Hudson Hornet Convertible is one of them. There’s not enough space to fully describe this one, you’ll just have to see it. Start with flawless glossy dark metallic grey paint, with every piece of trim done with separate chrome parts; even the Twin H-Power trunk badge is film-thin chrome. The hood opens on scissors hinges with over-center supports and the wired and plumbed engine matches photos in the June 1986 ‘Collectible Automobile’ perfectly. I’m even more impressed with the interior; properly hinged doors, soft carpets, exceptionally realistic upholstery with separate plated handles and cranks, the rarely seen but authentic leather-grained dash and door trim, and legible instruments and radio face. Underneath, the diecast chassis is separate from the baseplate, as are the drivetrain and suspension components, and there are even value stems in the wheels. Body lines match photos from all angles, details are all present and correct, dimensions are right on 1:18 scale, and best of all, this beauty is only $62.99 from (SMI)

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