Tuesday, December 15, 2009


If you were somebody in the 1930's, you drove a Duesenberg. If you were really somebody you drove a supercharged Duesenberg SJ. And then there was the special short-wheelbase SSJ; only two were built, one for Gary Cooper (chassis 2549) and the other for Clark Gable (chassis 2595). There were minor differences in the rear fenders; Gable's car had a slight upturn, or reflex, at the end and its taillights were vertical. Cooper's SSJ didn't have the reflex and its taillight supports angled outboard. Although they've been popular subjects, all the SSJ models to date have been hand-built models in the $200.00 range.

The SSJ's diecast body is clean, smooth, and very well detailed. The two-tone black and blue paint is equally fine, with razor-sharp seperation lines, but neither car was ever painted in these colours. Overall body lines and propotions are exactly right. There are no chromed parts; all the trim, including the bumpers and grille, is painted silver. See more

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