Tuesday, October 27, 2009


This is the Foden C Type steamer, and it’s a beautiful job. The front is very handsome, with the wheel to open the smoke box and various Foden signs being neatly done.

It comes is Tate & Lyle livery, as preserved by that company to replicate the Pease & Sons Fodens used by Henry Tate in the 1920s In fact AU6695 was originally owned by the Star Brewery, Nottingham. It was then owned by Foden itself, then by a stone company before being left idle until rescued by Tate & Lyle. The lettering is reproduced as on the preserved wagon.

The finish is well done, down to the solid tyres and various spare chains etc below the body. The rear of the model is largely plastic, but the careful spraying has ensured a good colour match and it looks like one die-cast moulding for the rear wagon sides, and higher body sides.

Inside it all looks like hard work to drive with various wheels and valves being neatly reproduced. There’s even planking on the underside of the cab roof.

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