Saturday, October 17, 2009


The Lloyd Alexander TS was a post-war German baby car, big on character and big on engine noise. Light cars were very popular in Germany after the war, witness the bubble car. The Lloyd TS, introduced in 1956 was 25hp, and had an opening boot from the outside - not seen on most earlier Alananders.

The Revell version is a gem, with wonderful details including seperate lights, wing mirrors, door handles, etc. It captures very well the charm of the original. Even if you've never seen the actual vehicle you will fall in love with the model - it looks a little like a 50's Hillman Minx from some angles.

The suicide doors have been well reproduced, and inside the simple metal dash is captured nicely. Under the bonnet is a laughably uncomplicated, very well modelle, engine.

It's odd, but it's often smaller details that make even a large scale model succeed. I think the Lloyd wheelhubs are excellently done and the icing on the cake.--Model Collector

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