Saturday, October 3, 2009


The final issue of 1963 was a Dennis Tippax refuse truck (15c) with opening tail-gate, which replaced the Rotinoff Super Atlantic tractor at No.15 to become 15c in November. It was a considerable improvement on the first refuse truck in that it featured not only a tipping container but also an opening loading door.
The cab, base and chassis were always painted blue whilst the container and door was painted grey. Side decals advertising ‘Cleansing Service’ were fitted, originally shaped to match the lines of the container in that they were rounded off at the front and angled to the rear. Later these were replaced by rectangular decals with squarely cut ends. The final models had labels affixed.
The base of the chassis originally terminated behind the rivet but this was soon altered such that a brace connected both fuel tanks. The container is usually found with a hole in the front but some of the earliest models did not have this hole. All models were fitted with black plastic wheels but earlier models had knobby wheels whereas later versions had fine or very fine tread wheels.
The Tippax Refuse Truck remained in the range for five years until it was replaced in November 1968 by the Volkswagen 1500 Saloon. By that time the Ford Refuse Truck had been included in the Matchbox series for almost two years.--Model Collector

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