Thursday, October 29, 2009


During his escape from the baddies in Octopussy, Bond steals their Mercedes. With its tyres shredded, 007 steers it onto a railway track and uses the rims to slot onto the track, chasing the bomb carrying train. With seconds to go, he gets clear before the train hits it - naturally. This model has a nice deep glass finish to it. The model's little tricks include the boot and doors opening, plus it comes with a strip of rail track for you to remove the tyres and play James Bond for yourself. See more

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


This is the Foden C Type steamer, and it’s a beautiful job. The front is very handsome, with the wheel to open the smoke box and various Foden signs being neatly done.

It comes is Tate & Lyle livery, as preserved by that company to replicate the Pease & Sons Fodens used by Henry Tate in the 1920s In fact AU6695 was originally owned by the Star Brewery, Nottingham. It was then owned by Foden itself, then by a stone company before being left idle until rescued by Tate & Lyle. The lettering is reproduced as on the preserved wagon.

The finish is well done, down to the solid tyres and various spare chains etc below the body. The rear of the model is largely plastic, but the careful spraying has ensured a good colour match and it looks like one die-cast moulding for the rear wagon sides, and higher body sides.

Inside it all looks like hard work to drive with various wheels and valves being neatly reproduced. There’s even planking on the underside of the cab roof.


'Who loves ya, baby?'
If you've got the lollipop and the hairline's retreating swiftly, go the whole hog and buy Kojack's Buick. It's a re-release of an buy Kojack's Buick. It's a re-release of an old Corgi 70's favoutite, and now there's a white metal Kojak figure incorporated with the model, albeit a little over scale. He replaces the plastic Kojack and Crocker figures.
The brown Buick is the same moulding as ever, neatly finished with opening doors. The original colour of the model was a metallic dark brown; the new version is a more authentic light brown. However, there's a mystery surrounding the car that Kojak himself might not be able to fathom. The box says the model: 'was originally released in 1976 and included a mechanism recreating the sound of gun fire, which is still featured on this model.'
Either modern guns have better silencers than they did in 1976, or there is no mechanism on the new model. It used to be operated by a revolving toothed wheel at the rear of the car where the number plate should be, this produced a clicking gun noise. -- Model Collector See more

Sunday, October 25, 2009


The American Chevrolet Nomad of 1957 is a car that sums up an era. The Chevrolet Nomad was a station wagon model produced by the Chevrolet Division of General Motors. The Nomad is best remembered in its two-door 1955-57 form, and was considered a halo model during its three-year production as a two-door station wagon. Yat Ming's release in blue and white sums up the charms of a car you could get the kitchen sink in and drive huge distances. The chrome work is really nicely done, particularly the dramatic rear wings. Inside the seats and dash are again very good. See more

Saturday, October 24, 2009


The Maisto 1/18th scale Jaguar S-Type captures the glamorous looks of the new saloon. Suffice it to say that in new limited edition metallic light lime green it is a hugely impressive as before. Really handsome detail touches make it the next best thing to owing a real one. See more

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


The first release of the newly-revised RT casting from EFE comes as one of the pre-war versions of the bus, in wartime livery, with single headlight and visibility markings. It captures the look of the vehicle very well. See more


The first of seven Jaguar based Silverstone Fire Tenders, RHP133H started life as an X16 and was fitted with a V12 engine during its first career as an engineering development cart within Jaguar. The fire fighting equipment was designed by Chubb, but fitted to the vehicle at Jaguar. It involved fitting a 20-gallon tank in place of the back seat and a coiled hose in the boot. With the tank pressurised 100 gallons of AFFF foam can be discharged in 34 seconds.


Maserati 3200 GT Coupe Diecast Model Red 1/18 Die Cast Car By Bburago

Just when most people were writing Maserati off as a producer of modern stylish GT cars, the company came up with the 3200 GT Bburago, as a good Italian company, had to make a model of the new car

Though few will be seen on British roads, it's still an attractive car to own in model form. Quality touches on he exterior include the disc brakes visible behind the wheel hubs, the well reproduced Maserati grille, separately moulded rear window mounted brake light and well detailed engine.

Opening doors, boot and bonnet are well finished, and inside it's all very luxurious. We liked the metal-look foot pedals and textured 'leather' of the seats particularly. Perhaps the dashboard dials and central console switches and trim (both reproduced by paper labels) were a bit over colouful, but this is a car no GT collection should be without--Model Collector

Monday, October 19, 2009


The Monkees were a pop rock quartet assembled by Robert "Bob" Rafelson and Bert Schneider in Los Angeles in 1966 for the American television series The Monkees, which aired from 1966 to 1968. The members were Americans Micky Dolenz, Michael Nesmith, Peter Tork, and Englishman Davy Jones, who were supervised and popularized by Don Kirshner.

At the time of the band's formation, its producers saw The Monkees as a Beatles-like band. At the start, the band members provided vocals, and were given some performing and production opportunities, but they eventually fought for and earned the right to collectively supervise all musical output under the band's name. The group undertook several concert tours, allowing an opportunity to perform as a live band as well as on the TV series. Although the show was canceled in 1968, the band continued releasing records until 1970. In the 1980s, the television show and music experienced a revival, which led to a series of reunion tours, and new records featuring various incarnations of the band's lineup.

The 1/43nd scale ‘Monkeemobile’ was an accurate model of the customized 1966 Pontiac GTO as seen every week on ‘The Monkees’ TV show. The body was bright red with a red and white phaeton hood which was cast with the body rather than as a separate plastic item. The hood should really have been all white to be 100 per cent correct, but otherwise this is a flawless model, the Monkees logo on the doors being authentic. As Monkeemania ran out of steam in the early 70s the Monkeemobile was discontinued, after only a two year run.


The BMW 750i found fame in the Tomorrow Never Dies film during that amazing underground car park sceen. This is a rather nice model of the stylish BM, with some good detail touches in its own right, including well replicated lights and interior. But best of all is the two stage sunroof missile launcher. Press it once and the roof flips open, press it again and the missiles shoot a fair way.


40th Anniversary Edition 1937 Rolls Royce Phantom III-Goldfinger. The Ultimate James Bond Collection Girls, Gadgets and Cars Could it really be 40 years since Dr. No exploded on movie screens worldwide? In that time the 007 movies have set the standard for excitement, girls, gadgets, and, of course, cars. The National Motor Museum Mint is proud to present three of the most famous Bond cars, all precision crafted by master die cast maker Corgi. Rolls Royce Phantom III-Goldfinger 1937 Rolls Royce Phantom III- Auric Goldfingers personal car. Originally built for the Right Honorable Lord Fairhaven. Goldfinger replaced the body panels with pure gold as part of his smuggling operation. Model Features Running Boards Detailed Interior Baked Enamel Finish Precision Diecast Replica 1:32 Scale Model 5 Inches Long.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


The Lloyd Alexander TS was a post-war German baby car, big on character and big on engine noise. Light cars were very popular in Germany after the war, witness the bubble car. The Lloyd TS, introduced in 1956 was 25hp, and had an opening boot from the outside - not seen on most earlier Alananders.

The Revell version is a gem, with wonderful details including seperate lights, wing mirrors, door handles, etc. It captures very well the charm of the original. Even if you've never seen the actual vehicle you will fall in love with the model - it looks a little like a 50's Hillman Minx from some angles.

The suicide doors have been well reproduced, and inside the simple metal dash is captured nicely. Under the bonnet is a laughably uncomplicated, very well modelle, engine.

It's odd, but it's often smaller details that make even a large scale model succeed. I think the Lloyd wheelhubs are excellently done and the icing on the cake.--Model Collector

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


This is 1/18th scale 1948 Chevrolet Fleetmaster 'Woody' from Maisto. From its stunning 'bakelite' dash to its realistic wood effect this is one of the best models we've seen in any scale, particularly for the price. Features include: highly detailed die-cast metal body with plastic parts, opening doors, hood, and trunk on most styles, full function steering, four wheel suspension, detailed chassis with separate exhaust system and display stand and Maisto Showroom display packaging. See more

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


One of the absolutely superb Grand Prix cars being offered by Exoto. This is the Ferrari 312T as driven in 1975 by Niki Lauda. The level of detail has to be seen to be believed: just look at the engine for example, or the finer detail of the instrument panel.

Friday, October 9, 2009


On the front cover of the 1997 Vanguards catalogue appears a selection of Minis: some in white with white roofs, more in white with black roofs, and a single yellow model. The 50 white models (25 with white roof; 25 with black roof) were presented the Lledo trade launch of the 1997 range. As a result came requests for a model of the yellow Mini.

This has been produced as a special limited edition, marketed as the 1997 Vanguards Catalouge Edition. In yellow, the Mini looks very pleasing.


The model release testified to the magnitude of the USA market as it was an American Ford Customline Station Wagon which became 31a. A colour trial model has been found in red but the release colour was yellow. Red tail-lights featured on early examples and the usual change involving axles common to other vehicles also occurred with this model. Grey plastic wheels replaced metal wheels during 1958.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


The James Bond Goldfinger film, starring Sean Conner and Honor Blackman , was released in 1964 and became an instant success. The film company Eron Productions commissioned Aston Martin for use of two DB5 Aston for the film, and also used both cars for the following film Thunderball. The Aston Martin is a well-known car, and this version in a 1/43 scale diecast model is certainly very pleasing. Look in particular at the fine wheels and an ejector seat which threw the figure of the Korean guard from a spring loaded roof hatch. The silver paint finish has been well applied. A fine model of a classic car. See more.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


The Caravelle replaced the Floride Coupe in the early 1960s. The Caravelle introduced many improvements to the interior, exterior and power plant. The model comes as a coupe, with a hard top option and includes opening doors, bonnet and boot. See more.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


1961 Jaguar E Type Coupe Diecast Model Red 1/18 Die Cast Car By Bburago

The Jaguar E-Type Coupe comes in red: a beautiful model which has extremely good interior detail, superb wheels, and fine other detailing such as the front and rear lamps and the flush glazing. A very good model.


The final issue of 1963 was a Dennis Tippax refuse truck (15c) with opening tail-gate, which replaced the Rotinoff Super Atlantic tractor at No.15 to become 15c in November. It was a considerable improvement on the first refuse truck in that it featured not only a tipping container but also an opening loading door.
The cab, base and chassis were always painted blue whilst the container and door was painted grey. Side decals advertising ‘Cleansing Service’ were fitted, originally shaped to match the lines of the container in that they were rounded off at the front and angled to the rear. Later these were replaced by rectangular decals with squarely cut ends. The final models had labels affixed.
The base of the chassis originally terminated behind the rivet but this was soon altered such that a brace connected both fuel tanks. The container is usually found with a hole in the front but some of the earliest models did not have this hole. All models were fitted with black plastic wheels but earlier models had knobby wheels whereas later versions had fine or very fine tread wheels.
The Tippax Refuse Truck remained in the range for five years until it was replaced in November 1968 by the Volkswagen 1500 Saloon. By that time the Ford Refuse Truck had been included in the Matchbox series for almost two years.--Model Collector

Friday, October 2, 2009


The origin of the Peugeot 402's nickname, Sochaux Rocket, came from its factory in Sochaux, France and its appearance, not its speed. Powered by a 55hp. 4-cylinder engine, it was a family car not a race car. But its aerodynamic streamlined appearance, copied from the Citroen 7CV and Chrysler Airflow, gave it a rocket-like look.To add to the smooth lines, the headlights are hidden behind the grille. Although Peugeot had been making cars since 1888, it was the 75,000 402's produced between 1935 and 1940 that cemented their reputation. The Top is in the Trunk Invented in 1931, the Peugeot 402 Eclipse was the first car with a motorized retractable hardtop, beating the Ford Skyliner by 20 years.

This 1:18 scale replica is a blueprint-perfect copy of this groundbreaking cabriolet. Looking closely you can see the headlights hidden behind the grille. The suicide doors open showing the interior with its oddly placed shift. And the trunk is big enough for the top, 2 pieces of luggage and a removable full spare tire. Clean, crisp and just plain gorgeous, it is a must for the serious collector. Model Features Opening Hood Opening Doors Opening Trunk 4-Cylinder Engine is Wired and Plumb The 402 Eclipse Can Be Displayed with Top Up or Down Besides the Retractable Hardtop, the Trunk Contains Removable Suitcases and Full Spare Tire Precision Diecast Replica 1:18 Scale Model 11.5 Inches Long. See more.


Maserati 3200 GT Coupe Diecast Model Black 1/18 Die Cast Car By Bburago

Maserati 3200 GT Coupe Diecast Model Black 1/18 Die Cast Car By Bburago

Another fine model from Bburago, this time the Maserati 3200 GT of 1998. Improved detail is becoming the order of the day throughout the model industry, and this model is certainly living up to the standards being set.

Apart from the usual 'operating' features, such as the opening doors, bonnet and boot, and rear lamps, the dashboard detail, the engine, and especially the wheels. With a first class paint finish, and all the parts fitting perfectly, this is certainly a fine addition to any collection.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


The Jaguar XK120 was built between 1948-1954 of which 7631 were produced and was fitted with a six cylinder DOHC engine with 160bhp and a top speed of 120mph. It's certainly a superb model and is, without doubt, one of the best Corgi made. From every angle of view the graceful lines of the Jaguar are accurately portrayed with a perfect, smooth, casting finish and a consistently even paint application. The paint finish on the pale green mettalic models seems to be much finer than the rest and is the most desirable colour in the Jaguar model collecting field. See more.


This is a range, initially featuring models of Volkswagens, which carry the name of the collection on the baseplate. In other words, these offer the opportunity for collectors to start a collection.

The colours and decorations chosen are all authentic, capturing the look of the 50s and 60s. The first two cars are the VW Beetle in light blue and cream, and the cabiolet in yellow. There are also two vans – see under ‘Commercials’.