Friday, August 28, 2009


The six-wheel M3 Personnel Carrier (49a) was the first of ten military vehicles to be issued in the ‘1-75’ range. It was painted in the traditional olive green and the rear pairs of wheels were rollers inside grey trucks, though some of the final issues were found with green tracks. The front wheels changed from metal to grey plastic in 1959, and finally to black plastic. There was usually a correlation between the wheels and the rollers, but examples exist of grey wheels with metal rollers and grey wheels with silver plastic rollers. The wheels and the rollers may be found in different sizes. A bonnet decal featuring a white star in a circle was included on all variants, though models with metal wheels are known to exist without decals. Originally the body was crimped to the base but later a river was used instead. Several minor variations exist around the bogie wheels. The model is comparatively easy to find today, for in the 1960s it proved to be very popular and sold for more than nine years.

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