Thursday, July 2, 2009


Maximum Space, Minimum Power 1962 Volkswagen Microbus VW Begins the Mini-Van Craze In 1962, the Microbus was not a new idea, as Volkswagen had been importing them into the U.S. since 1950. But in the '60's, with car pooling becoming an everyday occurrence for the middle class that had moved to the suburbs, the Microbus hit its peak of popularity. With its three rows of seats holding 9, 15 windows and, with no wasted space for a front hood or rear deck, the Microbus had 50% more space than a station wagon yet was up to 4 feet shorter to make parking easier. Whether you were transporting a Cub Scout pack, a rock group, or a family on vacation, nothing held more people and more cargo. The only drawback was the underpowered engine that had less than 50 horsepower. Other drivers quickly learned it was no pleasure being behind a Microbus trying to climb a hill. Features Opening Doors Precision Die-Cast Replica 1:32 Scale Model 5" Long.

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