Friday, July 31, 2009


The Lamborghini issued by Lesney in the Matchbox range was the Lamborghini Countach (27e). When released in 1974 it was painted yellow and had an opening rear engine cover to reveal a detailed silver-plated engine. A No.3 label was positioned between the front headlights. The base was unpainted and the windows were purple.

The main body colour was changed in 1975 from yellow to red and, although shades of red exist, this color scheme was retained until the model was deleted from the range (to be replaced by the Swing-Wing Jet in 1981). The interior colours of light and dark grey, yellow, white and tan is easy to distinguish. The windows are subject to shades but the main colours are purple, red ,a mber, blue, smoky grey and clear.

When the label was replaced by tampo printing a lime colour became by far the most common although a number of models exist with green decoration.


rRr said...
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rRr said...

that was the 1st matchbox I owned, my father bought it to me in 1975, I was 1 year old!

Drevik K Drevik said...

I just got this from my brother. We layed with this for years and so it is very worn but still a very cool car. It is the yellow paint version =D