Wednesday, July 1, 2009


The model we are unable to identify is a racing car transporter and, as it was produced by Matchbox Toys, we can assumed it to be modeled on a British Major Pack series it later became Kingsize model number K5 at a stated scale of 1/54th. The model has no mention of the vehicle make is made on the model or on the packaging. It is similar in design to the Corgi Toys (Commer based) Ecurie Ecosse racing car transporter and, like the Corgi model, the Matchbox transporter also features a two-tier loading system. Painted overall in mid-green with ‘glass’ roof panels, the model carried ‘Racing Transporter’ decals with a ‘BP’ shield and checkered flag. Alongside the BP sign are the names of four famous motor racing circuits. The model was never issued with racing car so on ‘team’ connections can be made, although various catalogue illustration show Ferrari 156 cars being loaded/unloaded.

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Brimen said...

This vehicle seems to be a copy of the transporter that "Team Lotus" had build in 1965 by the "Marshal Motor Bodies LTD.", Cambridge. See photo at:
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