Friday, July 10, 2009


The Ford name is as venerable as any in the history of automobiles. And, almost from the start, Henry Ford’s Model A and Model T vehicles were adapted for a wide variety of commercial used. As the century moved on and technology and engineering advanced. Ford continued to develop fine, rugged trucks along with its impressive array of automobiles. He Ford trucks of the ‘40s are considered by many to be most beautiful Fords ever. The company had retained the same size it offered in 1939—the half-ton, three-quarter-ton and one-ton trucks, but Ford greatly changed the styling. In 1940, the design was based on Ford’s automobiles and resulted in a handsome line of trucks. The hood was restyled, the grille echoed that of the ’39 Ford Deluxe automobile and the cab was given a major makeover. A one-piece, stamped-steel front panel combined the cowl, firewall, windshield frame and top. Aside from its visual appeal, this design simplified the assembly process. Other changes included a cowl-mounted windshield wiper (in previous years the wiper was mounted above the windshield), a redesigned instrument cluster, a two-spoke steering wheel and more comfortable seats. Under the hood, Food continued with its V8-60 and V8-85 engines. In addition, a 239-cubic-inch V8 engine that could produce 95 horsepower was also used in some pickups. A classic from the time it rolled off the assembly line and even more so today, the 1940 Ford Pickup Truck is now recreated in an authentic detail, your 1940 Ford Pickup is produced by—and available only from Matchbox Collectibles.

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