Friday, July 10, 2009


It was and still is a familiar sight. A sleepy village in Yorkshire, no more than a hamlet with a string of homes, a post office, general store, a church and a pub called “The Lady and the Swan.” For as long as anyone can remember, a horse-drawn cart would come periodically into town, drive up to the beautifully carved sign advertising the pub, and deliver its casks of wine and kegs of porter. Yet this day is different, for suddenly there are no horses pulling the car-although a gaggle of excited children and dogs is following the chugging and hissing wagon. And, instead of transporting wines, it’s filled with supplies for making repairs to the railroad. It is, of course, a steam-powered wagon, which thrived during an era when, steam-powered engines were everywhere, infusing the world with a sense of excitement and optimism for the future. Now, a 1917 steam-powered wagon, built by the Yorkshire Patent Steam Wagon Co. and marked with the emblem of the Great Western Railroad, is precisely re-created in a replica crafted by Matchbox Collectibles exclusively for the Age of Steam II Collection. Shop here

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