Friday, June 12, 2009


The automaker SIMCA (Société Industrielle de Mécanique et Carrosserie Automobile) was founded in 1934 and manufactured Fiat cars under licence. A new era for the works was ushered in when, in the autumn of 1961, the Simca 1000 was shown at the Paris Automobile Salon. With its modern silhouette, the limousine stood out against the previous Simca models. Even the engine was now more powerful. At the start of 1970 Simca launched the distinctly reworked 1000, now named the Simca 1000 Rallye, followed by the Simca 1000 Rallye 2 in 1972. With 1,294 cc and producing 82HP the Rallye had the most powerful engine of the entire 1000 series. Designed specially as a sports car, the vehicle attracted attention on account of its trunk which was painted black to provide glare protection.

Following the Neon Green example is this ultra colourful Spa car! With the success of the first model in 1951, others quickly followed, including the Simca 1000 Rallye 2, launched at 1972. The car was fairly lightweight but boasted a powerful engine that displayed itself in a remarkable acceleration capability. And it was also at international level. The vehicle was frequently regarded as the counterpart to the equally successful NSU TTS which had similar characteristics. See more.

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