Tuesday, June 9, 2009


1950 marked the inception of the Formula One World Championship, From Day One, Ferrari was involved in this highest class of auto racing, flashing a distinctive symbol of the small black prancing horse called ‘Cavallino Rampante’ in fact, Ferrari is the only F1 participant that has remained active ever since.

The driver of the 500 F2 was none other than the exceptionally gifted Alberto Ascari. It was not without reason that he was known universally as ‘The Flying Milan’.

Ascadi drove his 500 F2 to the title of a two time world champion in 1952 and 1953. This legendary car won virtually everything there was to win during these years, hence its nickname “the Super Ferrai.” With the return of the Mercedes and the rise of the Maserati in the 1954 season, Ferrari was faced with new challengers. As a result, its winning streak came to a temporay end. One year later – in 1955, Alberto Ascari died of a tragic accident in Monza, and the whole nation of Italy was deeply mournful.

This 1:18 scale hand crafted diecast model is a sincere tribute to the legendary Ferrari 500 F2, the world Championship car of 1953. Lovingly assembled from 1,463 parts, M-056 is precisely detailed and features all the craftsmanship and accuracy that make CMC miniatures so special in the hearts of all collectors. Just take a look under the engine hood or remove the rear parts and you will be totally sold! By the way, it is so detailed that if you want to know how many rivets are included on the fuel and oil tank, well there are 526, all necessary to rebuild these tanks true the original. This CMC Ferrari 500 F2 is quite simply exquisite!--SMI See more.

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