Friday, June 5, 2009


1936-1937 Auto Union Type C Diecast Car 1/18 Silver Die Cast Car Model by CMC

The dominant car in 1938 was the Mercedes W154 but a late season challenger was the Auto Union D-type, especially as driven by the legendary Tazio Nuvolari. CMC have yet again excelled with this weighty masterpiece described as a 1938-39 Type D on the box. The model is clearly the 1938 car, the limited edition shown here being that which Nuvolari drove to victory at Donington in October that year. This being one of CMC’s later models it shows exceptional detail, once one has got over the initial wow factor!

The model is made from over 680 parts, is hand assembled and is crowned with a superb paint finish. The bodywork line seems right and leads forward around a well-appointed cockpit with the detail we have become accustomed to. This bodywork is even more refined in the 2003 ‘Model of the Year’ winning type C car, but it is all there in this type D. Massive chrome molybdenum longerons are visible either side of the cockpit floor, robust chassis tubes being a hallmark of these cars, taking chassis surefootedness the whole length of the car.
The best-ever value for money in models of this type. The subject matter is mouth watering and who knows what would have become of this mid engined marvel had the Second Warld War not intervened? --SMI

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