Monday, June 8, 2009


The 'Models of Yesteryear' Foden Steam Lorry (Y27) has always proved a popular model. It first appeared in Pickfords livery (of which specialists note various changes to the body casting) and in 1986 in a most attractive Frasers design.

The Frasers version is certainly worth buying while stocks are still around, but more importantly, because the Fraser model comes with a trailer, the lorry itself needed to be supplied with a towing hook.

Reports have appeared of a Pickfords version of models having such a hook. At first only a handful of such Pickfords with hooks appeared, but more have been available recently indicating that a reasonable production re-run was undertaken by Matchbox.

If a Pickford with hook interests you, it could be best to buy while examples are around-but do not be forced to pay silly prices. See more.

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