Monday, June 22, 2009


From its announcement in 1962, it was obvious that the MGB was going to be a big success. The extremely attractive styling, masterminded at Abingdon by MGs chief body draughtsman Don Hayter, was bang up to date and covered MGs the monocoque structure, which was if anything stronger than it needed to be. You did not get scuttle shake in an MGB! It was produced for over eighteen years and in that time 513,272 were made, making it the best selling sports car in the world for many years. The 1800cc B-Series pushrod engine produced only 95bhp, giving a 0-60 time of 12.2 seconds, so it was not the faster vehicle in the world but it had a great competition career nevertheless.

The MGB Roadster was a joy to own as it was beautifully balanced to drive, reliable, comfortable, economical, pretty and above all fun. Today its very popularity means that it is one of the easiest classic cars in the world to look after, as every component can still be bought new, including the bodyshell.

A version of the MGB Roadster sees this model in the very prominent British racing green. As previously mentioned, this is a fine looking model, with a good paint finish. See more.

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