Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Matchbox have produced MG models in their '1-75 Miniatures' range. On February 1966 , it was the MG version of the MG 1100 saloon (64b), a common sight throughout Britain in the 1960s. MG 1100 was finished in mid green with a very good off-white moulded interior, 4-door sports saloon, painted in a flamboyant maroon, it was in fact released in green with the usual features of windows, ‘unbreakable towhook’, seats, steering wheel, spring suspension and brightly plated bumpers, grille and headlights. These ‘usual features’ were improved by the addition of a driver and a dog lying on the rear seat with its head through the rear side window.
The mode was revised in 1970 with the substitution of ‘Superfast’ low friction wheels of the original, and the colour was changed to a sort of blue/turquoise metallic. The scale was 1/57th.

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