Wednesday, June 3, 2009


During the early 1970s Matchbox decided to include the '1-75' range futurishtic models to help capture the toy market away from competitors. Many traditional vehicles were quickly replaced and in 1973 the Freeway Gas Tanker was introduced. There were many different labels used on the tank which was subject to many minor casing variations, not least the allowance for a hole which enabled a towing hook to be fitted so that a trailer could be towed. Most cabs had purple windows though a few had red or amber. Strengthening braces were fitted around the base of the cab in later versions.

The Freeway Gas Tanker remained in the range for nine years until it was replaced in 1982 by a Layland Tanker. The general release was a red cab and a white tank on a red chassis with Burmah in either label form or tampo print.

In 1984 a model which had previously been included only in the US range as a milk tanker appeared around the world as a petrol tanker. This was a Peterbilt six-wheeler. There are other combinations of cab and tank which have not been authenticated. The English-made blue and white Milk Tankers have not been included.

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