Wednesday, June 24, 2009


The first release for 1968 was the Ford Zodiac Mark IV (53C). this model featured an opening bonnet which included a spare wheel next to the engine. The body was in a light metallic blue with a cream interior. A tiny rear view mirror had been moulded into the plastic windscreen for the first time. A rare version of this Zodiac with regular wheels may be found in mettalic light green, a cross-over with the Superfast colour change which occurred in 1970. The standard regular wheel release is shown together with the three Superfast versions, the rarest of which is the mettalic blue model fitted with Superfast wheels.
There were two casting alterations associated with this car. The engine blocks are located under the dashboard such that they hold the engine in place. The wide blocks are 3.5 mm wide and the narrow ones are 2.5 mm wide. When present, a small tab is to be found between these blocks. Two base castings were used for this model with slightly different tow slot sizes at 5.5 mm and 6 mm respectively.

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