Thursday, June 25, 2009


The first of the Showman's Range of models has arrived in town, namely the Scammell Highwayman hauling a closed pole trailer and caravan.

On opening the box one finds a part of a card kit which will build into a Super Dodgems. With this series will come a number of such kits building into various fair ground attractions. Also included is a numbered cerfiticate, showing the total production of 14,300, plus a ticket to enjoy a free ride at Carters.

The Scammell Highwayman is well known and the decoration has been very well applied, although it is a pity the rear number plate is a sticker.

The pole truck is perhaps a little disappointing, since the decoration is in the form of labels. Probably it would have been difficult to have printed the large expanse of orange. Understandably the posters at the rear of the stuck on the vehicle.

The caravan is delight, particularly in relation to the gold trim.

This is certainly a colourful start to the range which will look good either in a display cabinet or arranged as a diorama with the kits assembled. See more.

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