Monday, May 25, 2009


1956 Lincoln Premiere Diecast Model Yellow 1/18 Die Cast Car Platinum By Sunstar

Bigger was definitely better for 1950s American Iron and few cars were bigger than the 1956 Lincoln Premier. While the ’56 Cadillac and Imperial were face-lifted older models, the 1956 Premier was completely new and its clean, sharp-edge lines won the prestigious International Design Institute Award. SunStar’s new 1956 Premier Convertible has many fine features – pivoting doors, parallelogram hood hinges, spring-loaded pivoting wipes, and exceptionally thin ‘gold’ photo-etched badges – but none of these would mean much if the shape was wrong. Happily, the lines, proportions, and details are all exactly right. All the trim on this fully detailed model is done with separate plated pieces or photo-etched parts. Lifting the hood displays the big 368 cid V-8 which is also very well detailed; even the hose clamps have been picked out and SunStar has included a couple of bags for the trunk, too. Despite its massive size, SunStar’s premier is amazing 0.02 inches of perfect 1:18 scale.

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