Monday, May 25, 2009


Ferrari F430 Challenge 14 Diecast Model Super Elite 1/18 Die Cast Car by Hotwheels

Ferrari had reaffirmed the strong link between its GT and Sporting Divisions with the F430 Challenge which was specifically designed to meet the expectations of its sportier clinets. The F430 Challenge retains the same general look and 490 hp engine as the road-going version, however, it also incorporate a large number of significant track-oriented modifications and a host of new features not seen in the previous 360 Challenge. As ever, the transfer from Formula 1 is significant, particularly with regard to the braking system which uses carbon-ceramic material, a first for a Ferrari sports competition car. The electronic gearbox is also F1-derived and works in exactly the same way as the one used aboard the Grand Prix car. New 19” slick tyres have also been specifically developed by Pirelli to comply with the very strict racing regulations whilst still delivering blistering. Performance.

The F430 Challenge boasts a kerb weight of just 1,225 kg, the weight being reduced in every area of the car, from the engineering to the bodywork, and to ensure that drives get the full benefit of the car’s sporty prowess on the track, the E-Diff has been replaced by a mechanical differential and the EBD has been replaced with a mechanical system. The most notable of the other solutions introduced in the new F430 Challenge is the steering wheel with a quick release mechanism to make it easier to get into and out of the car. The rear of the car is characterized by a new exhaust system which has high central tail pipes, and a modified grille which increases the extraction of hot air from the rear of the engine bay. The anti-roll bars, springs and single-rate shocks have all been modified for racing use too and the centre-locking wheels make wheel changes faster too, as does the fact that the car incorporates pneumatic jacks.

Once again Hot Wheels has triumped with their model of the F430 Challenge, with all the detail of the real car scaled down to 1:18 including the single, centre locking wheel nut, the 490hp engine and the fabulous body styling and decals. A supreme addition to any Ferrari or racing collection. ( Review by SMI magazines)

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