Friday, April 10, 2009


This three car A35 set depicits the cars built and driven by Rae Davies in the Top Hat "Oldies But Goldies" pre 60's Touring Car series, followed by invitations to the Goodwood Revival Races.
The "Powerful Peanut" #4. was the first of a series of A35's built and driven by Rae Davies and being partnered by Steve Soper in 2001 and TV F1 pundit Tony Jardine in 2002 at the Goodwood Revival races. Based on a 1958 2-door model, Rae transformed this humble road into a giant-slaying race winner for the Top Hat 'Oldies but Goldies' pre-'60 Touring Car series. Built in the spirit of Graham Hill's period Speedwell version, the infamous 'Powerful Peanut' has spawned a series of Rae Davis built replicas.

"Red Rocket" #9. was to be the second generation Austin A35 from the Rae Davies stable. Using all the knowledge gained in building of Rae's infamous 'Powerful Peanut', the 'Red Rocket Special' certainly lived up to its title as the fastest A35 ever built! It was constructed expressly to contest the St Mary's Trophy race at the 2004 Goodwood Revival, where Rony Jardine again partnered Rae in this two-part race. The 'Red Rocket' beat the big Jaguar MK1 of grant Williams in a thrilling finale in front of a capacity crowd and this giant-slaying performance was deemed by Goodwood's Lord March to be the 'Drive of the Day'

"Mushey Pea" #3. was the third in a series of A35's built by Rae Davies Racing, and was probably the fastest and most developed of all the RDR-built A35's. "Mushey Pea" not only dominated it's class, but was able to win outright, beating large capacity Jaguars and Ford Zodiacs in the Process, making "Mushey Pea" a firm favourite with the crowds. See more.

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