Thursday, April 9, 2009


When launched in 1969 the Ford Capri created a storm. It was a glamorous machine with fair performance, reasonable room – even in the back, and bags of style.
The waiting list was huge, such was the demand for the European pony car. And the Minichamps’ version has created similar waves in the model world.
The overall shape is superb, catching the still appealing lines of the car expertly: it’s quite a tricky shape to capture, with its long nose and short tail, and Minichamps has done the job very well.
Under the bonnet you can see maker’s plaques and tyre pressure details. There are leads running from the Bosch battery, and items such as the carbs and screen washer bottles are independently detailed.
Separate door handles, wipers, lights,ect, are to be expected, but the interior boasts novelties like swivel ball air vents which are picked out separately. There are chrome push down door locks, every gauge is individually and correctly detailed and tiny touches such as the meticulously reproduced handbrake grip are hard to believe. If you were to shrink to 1/18 scale, you could slide into the driver’s seat and expect to drive away! – Reviewed by Model Collector See more.

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