Thursday, April 23, 2009


Wow! This is a fabulous model. It answers many of the criticisms readers have made of Vanguards products, and totally captures the look and spirit of the original car.

The excellent chromed grilled and door handles set the tone. That bulbous rear is captured exactly, as is the general rather dumpy look of the car.

The badging is excellent for a 1.8 Super, particularly the Marina script. Wheels are very good and correctly finished, and the wipers are larger, more subtle and a better fit than previous versions. Even better, there are no wing mirrors-the problem of big holes in the wing versus non mint models are thus easily solved!

The interior is great fun. It captures the horrible 70’s pea red vynide to a ‘T’. The ribbed seats are good, and the dash is a marvelous piece of casting with that sloping front. The correct Marina steering wheel even features an indicator stalk. There’s a hole for a gear stick, but not one present on our model-however it did go through the wars in our studio, so it’s possible it’s just come loose-have readers’ models got theirs?

The teal white finish is very well done, and the tampo sprayed chrome blends well with the separately attached chrome detailing.

Lledo’s Marina is on a par with readers’ favourite Car of the Year, the Austin Cambridge, and as accurate as models costing twice its price or more.--Model Collector

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