Monday, March 9, 2009


This is Maisto 1/18 scale Jaguar X-Type. The model features opening bonnet, boot and front doors, the shut lines are as tight as the actual car’s – so that it really is an accurate model. The basic moulding is excellent, the curved feline haunches over the back doors are superbly captured, as are the car’s subtle decorative features.

But it’s the extra detailing that makes the model. Excellent wheels, ‘chromework’ Jaguar rear badging and a fabulous engine bay are great touches.

Inside, it’s a marvel. Not only is there a detailed dash, but some of the touches are great. You can read the setting of the radio and air conditioning! Door handles are picked out in chrome, the wood looks more real than the timber you see in a lot of full size cars, and the door pills are cut away so a 1/18th scale driver could pull them to with no problems! You can pratically smell the wood and leather as you look into the super-detailed interior! Buy it now.

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