Thursday, March 5, 2009


With the dust settling after the World War II, Ford returned to civilian car production and a new, larger, more modern looking V8 saloon was announced. The trusty 3.6 litres side valve V8 until that had performed so well during the war years was fitted into a brand new body shell with distinctly transatlantic styling – the V8 Pilot was born. Introduction in 1947, the Pilot was in production until 1951.

The Matchbox/Dinky Toy model of the Pilot issued a few years ago is probably just as good, if not a touch finer than this handbuilt; however, this model exudes a quality feel which more than compensates for the price difference and 40 years on I can, at last, have my very own V8 Pilot! Great model of a great car.

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VeheN said...

scale plss !

good lookin car...