Saturday, March 28, 2009


The “Age of Seam!.” It was an exciting, robust age when industry asserted its power and envisioned a better future. Everyday, everywhere, there seemed to be more construction, new rail lines, and better products. The sound of steam engines became the music of modernity—chugging, hissing, whistling steam-motors, power plants, and steam-engines. As the great edifices of the industrial age rose, they did so upon the rumbling shoulders of the steam engine—the very dynamo of the industrial age.

One of the foremost pioneers in steam-driven engines was the Cheshire firm of Hancock & Foden which, in 1899, began developing its steam-powered wagons. By 1902, the business was re-named E Foden & Sons Co. Ltd. And, with its line of steam-powered wagons, the firm laid the cornerstone for the modern trucking masterpieces it still manufactures today. Now, a 1922 Foden Steam Wagon—is re-created in a precision-engineered model bearing the logo of Brett & Son. This authentic replica is crafted by Matchbox Collectibles exclusively for the Age of Steam II collection.

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