Sunday, March 29, 2009


In 1934, following the recession years, Daimler-Benz staged a comeback to the international racing scene with the W25. Designed to the 750 kg formular the W25 had an 8-cylinder in-line supercharged engine and two pressure carburetors. The original capacity and output of 3.36 litres and 354 hp were increased in 1936 to 4.7 litres and 480 hp respectively. The Mercedes team scored 16 international victories with the W 25 between 1934 and 1936, Rudoff Caracciola winning the European and German championship titles in 1935.

CMC’s masterpiece models that first Mercedes offering under the new regulations, the W25. The cars, proudly presented in Germany’s national colour, underwent an overnight transformation to become the first of the ‘Silver Arrows’. The model contains over 610 parts and weighs nearly 0.7kg. It is a substantial model and is excellent value for money, enriched by the quality of the craftsmanship. Buy it now.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


The “Age of Seam!.” It was an exciting, robust age when industry asserted its power and envisioned a better future. Everyday, everywhere, there seemed to be more construction, new rail lines, and better products. The sound of steam engines became the music of modernity—chugging, hissing, whistling steam-motors, power plants, and steam-engines. As the great edifices of the industrial age rose, they did so upon the rumbling shoulders of the steam engine—the very dynamo of the industrial age.

One of the foremost pioneers in steam-driven engines was the Cheshire firm of Hancock & Foden which, in 1899, began developing its steam-powered wagons. By 1902, the business was re-named E Foden & Sons Co. Ltd. And, with its line of steam-powered wagons, the firm laid the cornerstone for the modern trucking masterpieces it still manufactures today. Now, a 1922 Foden Steam Wagon—is re-created in a precision-engineered model bearing the logo of Brett & Son. This authentic replica is crafted by Matchbox Collectibles exclusively for the Age of Steam II collection.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I bring a car Land Rover Safari to my blog. This diecast car is a Matchbox Regular Wheels No.12. It was produced in England in 1965. I have 2 cars with 2 colour.The first one is blue,light tan roof luggage, clear windows, black metal baseplate,white interior and small support behind tow hook on baseplate. The another one is green with dark tan roof luggage. This diecast car is over 40 years. The real car Land Rover Series is a first pattern of 4 wheels drive. In the present era is regarded as a very durability, some of them have been used for more than 40 years. It is still seeing them running on the road. As a diecast collector, it seems to collect it. Must be this one.

Monday, March 23, 2009


Triumph TR4 Diecast Model Yellow 1/18 Die Cast Car by Jadi

In 1952, the Standard Triumph company of Coventry under the then director Sir John Black, showed their first sports car, the prototype 2OTS, at the Earls Court Motor Show in London. Series production of a modified design with improved technology began in 1953. The car, from then on known as the TR2, sold successfully. The sportiness and reliability of the new product was underpinned by numerous successes in races and rallies. This was followed in 1956 by the almost identical TR3, in 1958 after a face-lift, by the TR3A and then from 1961 onwards by the technically improved TR3B. The Triumph TR4 was exhibited in September 1961 as the successor to the cramped but sporty TR3A. It represented an attempt to leave the competition trailing behind by means of a readiness to innovate that was out of the ordinary. The external appearance of the TR4 alone indicated that it was not simply a further development of its predecessors. The Italian designer Giovanni Michelotti styled a new metal body shell to fit over the widened chassis of the previous model.


Volkswagen Nardo W12 Diecast Model Orange 1/18 Die Cast Car By Yat Ming

The W12 coupe (Nardo) extends the timeless elegance of Volkswagen design into the sports car sector.The Nardo has a top speed of 217 mph and reaches 62 mph in just 3.5 seconds. It has twice broken the world 24 hour speed record. In February 2002 it covered a distance of 7,749.4 kilometres at an average speed of 322.89 km/h.Weighing just 1200kg, it is one of the fastest sports cars in the world approx 23cm long this model of the nardo is real eye catching finished in bright yellow with black interior trim . The space age dashboard is very well detailed, poseable front wheels, tinted rear window shows off the engine and suspension.

Friday, March 20, 2009


New, Speed, power, maneuverability, all the components of a true Corvette, and of one awesome police cruiser, Here's one of the hottest body designs in recent years, custom-designed with law enforcement emblems, emergency light rack and push bar mounted to the front end. Completing the package is a complement of scale-size police gear, including walkie-talkie, laptop computer, shotgun and flashlight. Hand-assembled, hand-painted, hand-finished, this must-have precision collectible is fully loaded with a wide array of true-to-life operating features. This limited edition of 5,000 is exclusively from The Franklin Mint.


Chrysler Crossfire Diecast Model Grey 1/18 Die Cast Car By Maisto

Chrysler Crossfire Diecast Model Grey 1/18 Die Cast Car By Maisto

Maisto makes terrific die cast models. This one is no exception. If you own a Chrysler Crossfire, or wish you did, you might enjoy having this highly detailed model to park somewhere indoors where you can admire it when you're not enjoying the real thing. The details are very good - hood, doors, and hatch all open. But that by itself doesn't guarantee a great model. Fortunately here, the details are all correct, with even the smallest parts faithfully modeled in the correct colors. The steering wheel moves together with the front wheels that may be posed in a range of positions. I like that Maisto even with to the trouble of making the wheels and tires the right sizes - with the correct proportioned smaller front wheels and tires and larger rear - to give the model the same aggressive appearance sitting on your shelf as it has at the curb! This model is of the normally aspirated, six-speed manual, so SRT owners go begging (or face the challenge of finding a 1/18-scale set of upgrade parts to make it so)! --Paul Mark Provencher "ppro"


This model dates from 1965 but the year letter C is missing. The registration number typeface is wrong too. To our eye, side on, the van seems too long and thin. From the front it captures the look well. The rear has mesh covered windows and there's a door security bar. Buy it now.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Nissan's NISMO 350Z S-Tune GT is a specially developed super car version to celebrate their victory at the Japanese GT500 Touring Car Championship in 2004. Only 20 are hand-built every month in Japan. They are not officially imported into the UK, except for one that raced at the 2005 Goodwood Festival of Speed. It's been very favourably reviewed as standing comparison with the very best of European super cars.
This model certainly captures the mean stance and look of the real car. The grey metallic paint is very well applied. The lights front and rear are impressive too. You get a good view of the interior of this right hand drive vehicle through the large windscreen. Very impressive. Buy it now.


The Peugeot 907 V12 coupe is a concept car introduced in 2004 that combines modern styling and technology with classical motoring elegance. The most remarkable styling feature is the one-piece glazed windscreen and roof. A glazed panel set into the bonnet reveals twelve intake trumpets reminiscent of a traditional fairground organ. Side vents are situated in the front wings and two exhaust pipes emerge from either side of the car. Diecast There is a large 6.0 litre V12 engine contained within a classical shape in the best motoring tradition. Buy it now.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


John Deere plant and constructtion machinery is rarely seen in the UK but very popular in America. With RC2 being a US toy/ model company, they have held the John Deere license for many years. This particular tacked excavator is good value for money, with individually linked tracks, detailed running gear and plastic hydraulic hoses.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


The walker 1 ton balance drive electric truck was manufactured by the Walker Vehicle Company Chicago, U.S.A. during the early twenties, it was used by distinctive stores and manufactures to deliver goods in towns. The van is driven by an eletric motor, developing 3 1/2 h.p. contained within the differential housing of the rear axle. The van had a range around 50-60 miles per charge, with a maximum speed of 12 m.p.h. Today, the only khown example is owned by Harrods Limited. Knightsbridge, and can be seen taking part in the annual historical commercial vehicle London to Brighton run.
Matchbox Models of Yesteryear. Y-29 1919 Walker Electric Van. Dark blue body, grey canopy, dark blue wheels, tan interior, "His Masters Voice" tempa. Macau casting. In good conditon. Issued in 1986. Comes in original box, which measures approx 6 inches (15cm) by 3 inches (8cm). Weight, unpackaged, is approx 110g. See more.

Monday, March 16, 2009


The Commer 8cwt van was produced by the Roots Motor Company as part of its vehicle range which includes such famous Marques as the Humber, Hillman and Sunbeam. The Commer was developed using the same mechnical units as the Hillman Minx. This vehicle and Marque were well known in their time as well proven vehicles featuring hydraulic brakes and efficient engine
units. Scale 1:43

Saturday, March 14, 2009


The World's Fair Special Greyhound GM New Look Transit Coach A Truly Flexible Company Introduced by General Motors in 1959, the New Look Transit Coach was quickly nicknamed the "fishbowl" because of the protruding 6-pc. rounded windshield. Powered by a Detroit Diesel Supercharged engine, Greyhound found the Fishbowl to be perfect for taking visitors to and from New York train stations directly into the World?s Fair in 1964 and 1965. Flatbed Features: Corgi Limited Edition of 2400 Precision Die-Cast Replica 1:50 Scale Model 9.5 Inches Long. Buy it now.


Ahrens-Fox Fire Engine Company built over 1500 fire engines between 1911 and 1977. The roots of the company go back to the 1850s under different names. In 1975, the Ahrens Manufacturing Company got it start. In 1891 Ahrens merged with three other manufacturers to become the American Fire Engine Company which in 1903 merged with International Fire Engine Company to become the American LaFrance Fire Engine Company. Ahrens Mfg. broke from American LaFrance in 1904 and in 1910 became the Ahrens-Fox Fire Engine Company. Ahrens Fox was recognized as the 'Rolls Royce" of fire trucks, reflecting not only its expense but also it quality. Many Ahrens Fox pumpers are still operational today.

1:24 scale Ahrens-Fox N-S-4 '25 Fire Engine Diecast Model by Yat Ming Signature is highly detailed. It comes in very elegant display box with black velvet inserts. It also comes with 24K Gold Plated Coin of Authenticity. It is very smart model of this fire engine finished in red/brown with gold lining, moveable spoked wheels, numerous chromed parts, 2 ladders, moveable spotlight , approx 29cm long. Buy it now.


Ford created this sturdy little pumper for the Georgetown Engine Company No. 1 using its one-ton truck chassis. The grille, fenders and headlights were redesigned for 1938, and behind that barrel-shaped, oval grille was Ford’s rugged flathead V-8. The 221-cubic inch, 85-horsepower, 24 stud-per-head (also new for ‘38) powerplant was up to the task of motivating the little workhorse. The introduction of the new chassis was popular with firefighters, for it allowed them to carry more gear, more conveniently—just the ticket for the heroic job they had to perform.

Painted in bright red with superb applied graphics and pinstripes, the windscreen wiper is a separate part, the searchlight swivels and pivots, and, on the right side, a rotating, emergency light assembly, with three red lights. A chromed, red light/siren unit is mounted on the hood. In the driver’s area you get a 3-D dash, and nicely scaled steering wheel, pedals etc, and brake levers. The seat’s moulded in soft-touch plastic, behind the driver, there’s a hose reel with a length of hose that rolls off. On the left side, there are two sections of hose (non-removable) in mounting brackets. There’s also a rear-mounted hose reel, with nozzle. The rest of the hoses, located above this reel, are of the moulded-in variety, made to look as if yards of it have been folded there for ready access. There’s a separate, chromed nozzle on one end of this hose assembly to provide a touch more realism. In the rear, you’ll also find two, chromed work lights, and mounted on either side of the handrails, above the hose deck. Various gauges, and levers, and tools (non-removable) are also mounted on this truck, along with nozzles, two lanterns, and two fire extinguishers. Buy it now.

Friday, March 13, 2009


New From The Franklin Mint 1946 Chevrolet Suburban Ambulance Limited Edition of 2500 Worldwide! Model Features Working Suspension Working Steering System Functioning Door Windows Hand-painted Two-tone Color Scheme Hand-Painted Rims and White Wall Tires Detailed Undercarriage w/Full size spare Fully appointed interior with folding front seats Numbered, Limited Edition plate is attached to the rear door Comes equipped with two authentic, scale sized stretchers, pillows and a medical kit Opening Hinged Hood Reveals Fully Plumbed and Wired 216.5 c.i 90 hp six-cylinder engine Each Model includes a custom nameplate, collectors guide, and numbered certificate of authenticity Precision Die-Cast Replica 1:24 Scale Model 8.5 Inches Long . Buy it now.


This car was powered by the famous 41/2 litre engine of Henry Meadows Ltd.
The engine had a top speed of nearly 100 mph. A Lagonda using the same power unit was outright winner of the classic Le Mans race of 1935.

A superb highly detailed model of the Matchbox Model of Yesteryear Y11 1938 Lagonda Drophead Coupe, beige body, black chassis, maroon interior, black grill and silver disc wheels. This model made in England, issued in 1972.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Rose’s Lime Juice Cordial was the livery for 1985, and indeed carried through to 1988. The initial releases had a cream body with mid green chassis (and black or tan seats). The following year the body colour had become off white and the chassis dark green (again with black or tan seats). While the wheels were generally green, examples of the pale cream body version are known with red wheels.

Although the majority of these models were made by Lesney in England, a final production run of the Rose’s version was undertaken in 1988 in Macau (inscribed as such on the baseplate) Buy it now.


The year 1978 was to prove significant in a number of ways. Matchbox Models of Yesteryear were still the prime interesting among many collectors. What made 1978 special was the new casting to fill the Y5 slot: announced as a 1927 Talbot van. When the Talbot van did arrive, it certainly as it included a fairly unusual feature for Yesteryears, namely opening rear doors.

For 1984 there was another so called limited edition, in Dunlop livery. Dunlop vans change little. Look out for the seats, which could be tan or black, and the wheels – either a bright yellow or a paler yellow. Buy it now.


The rear-engined Fiat 500, launched in 1957, was even smaller than the Mini, and it was very popular in Italy, where the roll-back canvas roof made it great fun to drive in sunny weather. But the back seat allowed passengers little room. Buy here.

Monday, March 9, 2009


This Caterpillar 980G Wheel Loader has wheels that roll with authentic tire tread design, a working rock bucket that scoops and dumps, a boom that raises and lowers, detailed cab interior, and realistically moulded guard rails and ladders. See more.


The world of heavy plant and machinery is one of ever growing fascination, from simple for lift trucks right up to mammoth earth mover. Thankfully diecast manufactures such as Norscott have superb ranges of these types of vehicles to satisfy the huge interest in diecast replicas of these hard working giants. Here is a flavour of the Norscot 1:50 scale ‘Caterpillar’ range.

This Caterpillar 924G VersaLink Wheel Loader has a single-piece boom-style lift arm with interchangeable work tools including bucket. It comes with a series of work tools, as per the real machine. See more.


This is Maisto 1/18 scale Jaguar X-Type. The model features opening bonnet, boot and front doors, the shut lines are as tight as the actual car’s – so that it really is an accurate model. The basic moulding is excellent, the curved feline haunches over the back doors are superbly captured, as are the car’s subtle decorative features.

But it’s the extra detailing that makes the model. Excellent wheels, ‘chromework’ Jaguar rear badging and a fabulous engine bay are great touches.

Inside, it’s a marvel. Not only is there a detailed dash, but some of the touches are great. You can read the setting of the radio and air conditioning! Door handles are picked out in chrome, the wood looks more real than the timber you see in a lot of full size cars, and the door pills are cut away so a 1/18th scale driver could pull them to with no problems! You can pratically smell the wood and leather as you look into the super-detailed interior! Buy it now.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


With the dust settling after the World War II, Ford returned to civilian car production and a new, larger, more modern looking V8 saloon was announced. The trusty 3.6 litres side valve V8 until that had performed so well during the war years was fitted into a brand new body shell with distinctly transatlantic styling – the V8 Pilot was born. Introduction in 1947, the Pilot was in production until 1951.

The Matchbox/Dinky Toy model of the Pilot issued a few years ago is probably just as good, if not a touch finer than this handbuilt; however, this model exudes a quality feel which more than compensates for the price difference and 40 years on I can, at last, have my very own V8 Pilot! Great model of a great car.


Following the release of Eddie Irvine's mount from the 2000 season, his team-mate's car is now available The motor is a year 2000 development of Cosworth V10 used by the Stewart team in 1999, on which the Jaguar is based. Johnny Herbert drove his last season in the Jaguar RI Cosworth V8 car announced in January. And whilst he scored no points during the year in the Anglo-French team car, the name of the 'leaping cat' was brought to prominence for the first time in Formula 1 as a works team.

This model in 1/43 scale is in the bright metallic 'British Racing Green' colour, reached after much pre-season testing of different paint finishes. As well as including the helmete Herbert driver figure, the car sports the leaping cat motif on the airbox and decals of HSBC (bankers) and Lear (the corporate biz-jet manufacturers). Mounted on a black base, the model carries racing number 8. --Model Collector Buy it now.


Mercedes-Benz 770 "Grand Mercedes" built from 1930 to 1938, armour-plated, pullman saloon, 8 cylinders, output at 2800/min: 150 hp. Formerly the property of the Japanese Imperial family, this "Grand Mercedes" returned in September 1971 to Untertürk-heim. The car has dark red paintwork and bears the emblem of the Tenno on doors. Together with two other cars of the same model it was in regular service during its time a the Imperial court.

Beautifully crafted die-cast model by MINICHAMPS. This is a very highly detailed and its well put together model car. A Must Have for the die hard die-cast model car collector, and a great gift piece, too. Highly Assembled 1/43 Scale Diecast Model. Buy it now.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


This diecast car is a Dodge Tractor With Twin Tippers of Matchbox K-19A, made in England the year 1966. Length of 29 cm.The trailer is green and yellow twin tippers , all metal parts except wheels, light green glass, a cylinder of hydraulic based both raise the pickup, the car left a little spotty color dust can see the old well. Actually use the car as more than 40 years of beautiful and rare.


Who likes to see Mr.Bean, you have to find a Mini Car with his car-mate all the time. Mr.Bean Mini Diecast Car produced by Corgi Classic Limited in 1998. Length 7.4 cm. Mr.Bean Mini diecast car was produced with permission from Tiger Television Limited, which owns the copyright of TV Series.

It is yellowish green body, the trunk lid black cars are vehicles used Mr.Bean in this series have come home next door latch on the door. Mr.Bean TV Series broadcast in England from 1989 to 1995, then was the popularity around the world, in the form of books and videos. This success has sold millions of discs, including movies produced in 1997 is Bean: The Ultimate Disaster Movie is a show Mr.Bean Rowan Atkinson. The Mini car which was used become a remembrance of the viewers. Shop here.


Diecast Car Corgi No.1128A - Priestman Cup Shovel produced by The Mettoy Co. Ltd. in England since 1963-1976. It is 16.6 cm in length (when extended as far to get the shaft) to 6.2 cm wide.

Priestman Brother Ltd. is a manufacturer of heavy machinery, very old and famous of England. Established since 1915 by William Dent Priestman. He is the first one who had designed the locomotive engine by using engine oil. Hull is the first facility in the UK. In the picture (white - black) is the first lap the car of Priestman.

This is a lap car models manufactured in the decade to 1980 which continues to shape the manner similar to knee-generation car in 1960, which brought Corgi number 1128A diecast production car in 1963.

Priestman Cup Shovel diecast cars have body parts on the control room and orange, yellow bottom of the drive, stick cast metal scoop bulge "Priestman" gray, from black rubber rhythmic metal wheels, spin button control to get the shaft metal. Time this button clockwise rotation, the shaft will get the work order to draw material from, bottom lid tray. In closed position, the shaft knee raise. When lifting tray top - bottom tray lid is opened only to material. Cycle and start again.

Corgi No.1128 production car lap out are 2 version plastic and rubber carterpillars. Heavy equation is actually diecast car.