Wednesday, February 11, 2009


United States Marine Corps Collectible Salutes "The Ultimate Patriot"! Dodge Power Wagon Collectible Diecast by Ertl(R)! - Show off your American pride with the first-ever Dodge Power Wagon collectible diecast truck to salute the United States Marines Corps! The Power Wagon was the civilian version of a vehicle that served in World War II, and now you can own this 1:25 scale Ertl(R) diecast truck, finished in gleaming USMC scarlet with a portrait of a Marine on the doors! Intricately detailed, it has a side-mounted spare, top-mounted windshield wipers, center-hinge engine cowling, and more!This exclusive Ertl(R) diecast model truck from Hamilton Authenticated also features two flags flying over the truckbed - the American flag and another honoring those imprisoned or missing action while serving their country - and a hand-sculpted replica of "Chesty," the USMC mascot! A fantastic USMC collectible. Read more.

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