Friday, February 27, 2009


Add this earth-moving die-cast model Track-Type Tractor to your collection and replicate a construction site. The detailed 9-inch, 1:50 scale, black-and-gold tractor has a tilting dozer blade; stretchy, removable caterpillar tracks; a mobile ripper; various bars and handles; textured surfaces; exhaust stacks; and rotating cogged wheels above four base wheels. Transparent plastic windows offer interior views of the cab complete with levers and driver's seat. The heavy metal frame makes this vehicle tough to topple. But with its small, potentially finger-pinching moving parts --Kathryn Gustafson

Monday, February 23, 2009


This SUNSTAR 1/18th scale Henry J model is very difficult to find. There have been many delays from the manufacturer Sunstar. Still, it has finally arrived and it is well worth the wait. This model checks out to an exact 1/18th scale. The model is detailed beyond belief, with working suspension, proper door hinges and much more. This model is NOT a toy. It is a precision built diecast model and it should be for display only. I suggest a plastic or glass case for the model, as dust can make it hard to keep clean. Many of the parts are very delicate too. Overall, this is a fantastic model and will not disappoint any Kaiser Frazer fan. --Richard Hamilton

Friday, February 20, 2009


BMW 501 Limousine 6-Cylinder Velour Diecast Model Red 1/18 Die Cast Car By Autoart

The first post-war BMW car was the 501 Limousine, built in 1953 and closely followed by the 502 in 1956. These luxuary cars were equipped firstly with 2 litres, then 2.6 litre, and on to 3.2 litre engines Top speeds varied from 85 to 112 mph.

This really s a first class model. The paint finish, fine casting detailed are applied to the radiator grille, lower air-intake grilles, front and rear silvered bumpers, silvered front lights, front and rear short wing spear and handle and spare tyre in the trunk.


Austin Healey 100/6 Diecast Car Model 1/18 Blue Die Cast Car by Kyosho

When Donald Healey showed his stunning new prototype 'Healey 100' at the Earls Court Motor Show surely he could not have forseen the birth of a new marque, numerous international competition successes and an eighteen year association with Britain's bigger car producer, but that is exactly what happened.
This model is brand new 1:18 scale diecast model of Austin Healey 100/6 die cast car by Kyosho.
It has steerable wheels, brand new box, rubber tires, made of diecast with some plastic parts, detailed interior, exterior, engine compartment, dimensions approximately L-10.5, W-4, H-3.5 inches.


Here is Caterpillar Classic Collection, the Caterpillar 777D Off-Highway Truck in 1/87 scale. At with all other models in the set, this piece is of museum quality and demonstrates the highest level of Model building art. Hand assembled and hand painted in authentic Caterpillar colors and markings the 777D features a detailed cab, twin body hoists to raise and lower the dump box and features authentic rubber tyres.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


The winning car, with race number 18, was driven by Britain's Duncan Hamilton and Tony Rolt. This car, chassis number XKC051, was powered by a 6 cylinder in-line engine with 3.4 litres of engine capacity pushing out 220bhp, which gave a top speed of 230kph. This model is finished accurately in British Racing Green with the correct racing number positions, and the photo-etched front grilles reveal the central mounted headlights that enabled the drivers to thread their way down the long and fast Mulsanne Straight during the hours of darkness at the famous La Sarthe Le Mans circuit.

This electric racing slot car is approximately 6 inches in length. It operates on most readily available 1:32 scale slot car race track systems and is most commonly used on Scalextric 1:32 race tracks in the U.S. Contact your race track manufacturer to confirm this brand of slot car will work with your brand of track. This slot car is only available through the hobby market industry. See more.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


This die-cast Mini Van belonged to a butcher shop from DEWHURST BUTCHERS. Lledo Vanguards designed & built made in Enfield England, issued in 1998. It's brown body, white roof, a bumper, wheel hub, front light with chromium, clear windows, cream interior, black sterring wheels and removable tires. Austin Seven Mini Van Dewhurst the Butcher comes with number plates & wing mirrors to put on.


The die-cast of Vanguards Austin 7 Mini, designed and produced by Lledo PLC. in England in 1997.

The Mini was first produced in 1959 by the assembly of BMC (The British Motor Corporation Ltd.) It was assembled under the name of Morris and Austin. It was named Autin Seven. In the initiate period, it was written “SEVEN” for the remembrance of Austin 7 which was a tiny car in 1920-1930.

This model is grey body, metal base just the same colour, the bumper, windshield and front light with chromium, clear windows, grey interior, black steering wheels and chromium plated hub. Packaging in a paper box with the original style of die-cast from Europe. There are side view mirror, the manual of fixing, a photo card of the car, registration sticker and a cataloque.

Friday, February 13, 2009


1999 Ford Crown Victoria Des Plaines IA Police Diecast Model 1/18 Die Cast Car By Autoart

1999 Ford Crown Victoria Des Plaines IA Police Diecast Model 1/18 Die Cast Car By Autoart

Here is Auto Art's 1/18 scale Police Division models of the 1999 Ford Crown Victoria Des Plaines Police Car. This model is white body from the small town of Des Plaines in Illinois. The best feature on this model centres around the red and blue bar light. It has steerable wheels, rubber tires, made of diecast with some plastic parts. Has plastic display stand with window box.
Detailed interior, exterior, engine compartment. Dimensions approximately L-10,W-4,H-3,5 inches.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


The first Elite or Lotus Type 14 was an ultra-light two-seater coupé, produced from 1957 to 1963. Making its debut at the 1957 London Motor Car Show, Earls Court, the 14 spent a year in development, aided by "carefully selected racing customers", before going on sale. Elites won their class six times at the 24 hour Le Mans race as well as two Index of Thermal Efficiency wins. The Elite was the first Lotus produced car to race in Australia and the original car to be raced in Australia is currently in boxes under re-furbishment.

Another to keep Lotus collectors happy. IXO have already released a car from the 1960 series, No.43. The lastest release, No.38, crewed by J.C Vidtilles should complement it well. This model does not disappoint with its high level of detail. See more.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


United States Marine Corps Collectible Salutes "The Ultimate Patriot"! Dodge Power Wagon Collectible Diecast by Ertl(R)! - Show off your American pride with the first-ever Dodge Power Wagon collectible diecast truck to salute the United States Marines Corps! The Power Wagon was the civilian version of a vehicle that served in World War II, and now you can own this 1:25 scale Ertl(R) diecast truck, finished in gleaming USMC scarlet with a portrait of a Marine on the doors! Intricately detailed, it has a side-mounted spare, top-mounted windshield wipers, center-hinge engine cowling, and more!This exclusive Ertl(R) diecast model truck from Hamilton Authenticated also features two flags flying over the truckbed - the American flag and another honoring those imprisoned or missing action while serving their country - and a hand-sculpted replica of "Chesty," the USMC mascot! A fantastic USMC collectible. Read more.


Chevrolet eliminated the corvette’s fake hood louvers and rear deck chrome strips in 1959 while giving it more supportive new seats and a’t-handle’ reverse gear lockout on the shift handle. AUTOart has just released this very accurate 1959 ‘Vette and even a Ford fan like me has to admit that it’s absolutely gorgeous. There’s no room for a full description so we’ll hit the high spots. Every piece except the crossed flag emblems and trunk lock; those are printed in chrome. Under the correctly hinged hood, the base 230-horsepower engine is wired and plumbed. The hardtop fits snugly and can be removed to better see the excellent interior detail. There are small, almost hidden mould lines on the aluminum painted exhaust pipes and suspension components are separate from the baseplate but there are no hydraulic or fuel lines. The new-for-’59 ventilated wheels and their skinny tires are modeled very well. The workmanship is outstanding, and dimensions are precise.--SMI April 2007 Read more

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Hot Wheels Classics celebrate the best Hot Wheels vehicles ever made and brings them to 1:18 scale! The Volkswagen Drag Bus is one of the most sought after Hot Wheels models and this version features retro-style packaging with Spectraflame colors to give the cars a chrome-like candy color finish! This limited edition red vehicle will only be available for a short period of time and only at

This is one awesome bus. Simply the best Hot Wheels has made with this scale. Those red line tires and chrome rims rock!! The picture doesn't do it justice until you get it and see it up close. Simple amazing!! Buy it you will love this one for years to come!! --Chad L. Glodrey "HotWhlz1971" Read more.


The classic Volkswagen minibus van, this neatly detailed and painted 1/25 scale model features openable side and rear hatch door, plus optional canvas roof section. Paintd in red and cream with chrome bumpers, hub caps and lining. Quality die-cast model cars and detachable plastic trailer. Pack up the 1:25 scale Volkswagen Samba, hitch the 1:24 scale Beetle, and head down memory lane. Working trailer ramp, full-function steering, opening doors and hood, and removable van rack for storage. Samba 7"l, Beetle 63/4"l. Read more.

Friday, February 6, 2009


The Volkswagen Corrado is a sport compact developed by German automaker Volkswagen and built by Karmann in Osnabrück, Germany between 1988 and 1995. Conceived as a successor to the successful Scirocco, it is a three-door hatchback with a 2+2 seating layout. The Corrado used Volkswagen's B3 platform in the rear of the car, while using the A2 platform technology up front, which it shared with the then-current Golf and Jetta.

The Corrado offered exceptional handling for its time and was listed as one of the "25 Cars You Must Drive Before You Die" by the British magazine, Car. All models featured an innovative rear spoiler which automatically raised when the vehicle reached a set speed (45mph - 65mph depending on the region). Perceived as too expensive, it reached a production total of just 97,521 vehicles according to However, many owner clubs exist around the world and it has become something of a modern classic.
FEATURES: Realistically recreated die cast bodywork with a dark burgundy metallic finish Opening hood and doors. Beautifully reproduced VR6-DOHC engine. Nicely rendered interior with folding bucket seat backs. Detailed chassis. Steerable front wheels. Simulated Dunlop tires with 5-spoke brushed finish wheels and disc brake detail Comes on a removable plastic base. INCLUDES: (1) Die Cast Model SPECS: Scale: 1:18 Length: 8-3/4"" (222mm) Width: 4"" (102mm) Height: 2-3/4"" (70mm) jxs 8/08/07 ir/jxs


For car nuts, the star of ‘Gone in 60 Seconds’ was ‘Eleanor’, a much customized 1967 Shelby GT500 Mustang. There’s just a trace of a mould line on the corners of the air dam, and the big hood bulge, faired-in side pipes, and other ‘Eleanor’ details are modeled very accurately. The clear-coated dark metallic pewter paint is smooth and highly glossy with stripes and Shelby badges printed after the clear coat. A nitrous oxide bottle in the trunk means that the wired and plumbed V-8 is the mid-level 430 horsepower 351 cid option but there are no fuel lines or linkage. Underneath, the trick suspension with its horizontal rear shocks is modeled well and the nicely detailed wheels are accurate.—SMI April 2007

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Jeep with Horse Trailer- Quality die cast and plastic Jeep towing a horse trailer. This durable Siku item has moving parts and is part of Europe's #1 line of die cast vehicles. The German engineering quality shows in the details and strength of the product. The wheels are welded to the axles & tires made of rubber for long lasting play on the farm!

Siku is the brand name of the range of diecast toys made in Germany by Sieper Werke, whose plant is situated at Ludenscheid, where the company started in 1921. he founder of the company was Richard Sieper, and initially made goods in aluminum. In 1949 it moved over toy production in plastic, although the vehicles were fairly basic. The name Siku is derived from Sieper and Kunststoffe (meaning plastic).

In 1955 the company launched a range of vehicles and accessories, using a constant 1/60th scale. The plastic toys continued in production until 1967. There was also a range of 1/250th scale aircraft.

In 1963 the company's first diecast toys appeared: at first these were also to 1/60th scale, until 1973 when the scale was changed to 1/55th. A range of farm equipment was introduced in 1983: this was to 1/32nd scale, the same as used by Britains for their farm models. In 1990 a series of smaller toys was launched.

Siku have for a long time incorporated various operating features into their toys The company also produces the predominantly 1/87th scale (there are also 1/43rd scale model) range of plastic vehicles sold the name of Wiking.--Encyclopedia of Model Collecting.