Thursday, January 22, 2009


After the assassination of President of President Kennedy the Lincoln ‘X-100’ Parade Car was returned to Hess & Eisenhardt for a ‘quick fix’. After six months it emerged with a ton of additional armour that included a permanently attached bulletproof glass top, ‘run flat’ aluminum disks inside the tires, and much more. In the process it was updated with a 1964 grille and painted black instead of the original dark blue, and it went on to serve four more presidents. Yat Ming has added this very accurate 1:24 scale model of the ‘Quick Fix’X-100 to their Presidential Series of diecast models. Its muti-piece body is clean and smooth, but the glossy black paint does have some orange peel. Photos show that the model is fully detailed; small badges are hot printed but all the rest of the trim – and there’s lots of it – is done with separate chromed parts. The big V-8 is modeled well, but there’s no wiring or plumbing. The interior makes up for that, though, with soft carpets, two-tone upholstery with wood-grain panels and chrome trim, a fully detailed dash with legible instruments, and fold-away jump seats. --SMI Februaey 2007 See more.

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