Sunday, January 25, 2009


If you're collecting these Johnny Lightning (note not Hasbro as the seller selling through Amazon has listed, Hasbro owns the rights to the Monopoly name licence) vehicles and you're having trouble finding the Honda race car detailed Oriental Ave from the fourth release of Monopoly vehicles then this will fill that property square nicely instead of or as an temporarily. Being that it is a double up of a previous Monopoly property car has made this a lot less sort after (as is the case with most of the 5th series or 70th anniversary as they are called cars) than most other Monopoly cars so you can get it fairly cheap. The Release 4 Honda is usually a lot more expensive probably also due to the fact that it is the only Honda car of its type on the board and this is not the only 57 Chevy Bel Air. Illinois Ave from release 1 (also rereleased with release 2) was also a Chevy 57 Bel Air, it was red. It is a nice looking car though, it even has those old school tyres with the white circle on them. Disappointing though it doesn't have an Mr Monopoly in action pictures on the car, all it has is the Oriental Ave property card on the doors. Like all 70th anniversary vehicles the bonus token that looks like the die-case car is a lot shinier silver than the grey of most previous bonus tokens. --James N Simpson See more.

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