Sunday, January 25, 2009


Most of the 5th Release of Monopoly vehicles by Johnny Lightning were double ups of properties already done in previous releases. This Community Chest school bus was an original new additional. Community Chest had of course been done before with the Community Chest Ford Mustang Car from release one (and rereleased in release 2) and likewise the bus had been used for the Go Directly to Jail, Do Not Pass Go Bus (which is currently not listed on Amazon but was part of release 3). This time however the bus is yellow but surprisingly the prison bar through the windows remains from the old orange previous bus (keep them kids from escaping before they Pay School Tax of $150 which is written on the side near the back. There is also Mr Monopoly patting some nerdy looking kid on the head (same image as used in game on the card) on the side of the bus. The only disappointing thing however is that they missed a massive opportunity to do anything with the huge canvas which is the roof of the bus. It's just yellow, a nice Monopoly image would have been sensational here! Of course like all 5th series Monopoly vehicles they made the bonus token (a miniature version of the bus) silver to celebrate Monopoly's 70th year. This is a must own! --James N Simpson

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