Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Congratulations! You now own what's considered by many to be the holy grail of the Hot Wheels collector series. In 1995 Mattel introduced Treasure Hunt vehicles - a series of 12 cars issued monthly with exclusive decorations and a very limited production run. Nine years and nine series later, these cars are still some of the most sought-after models and almost impossible to fin. This HWC online exclusive offers avid Hot Wheels fans and collectors the opportunity to purchase all twelve '04 Treasure Hunt vehicles in a limited edition set in a stylish display package. You'll treasure this precious collection for years! ['65 Pontiac Bonneville, GT-03, Cadillac Cien, Double Demon, Super Smooth, Splittin' Image, Altered State, Morris Wagon, Whip Creamer, Tantrum, Audacious, Meyers Manx] Set will come in the original white box it shipped with from Mattel. Buy it now.

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