Friday, January 23, 2009


The only vehicle specifically promoting Community Chess cards in the game of Monopoly from Release One's twelve Vehicles. This remained the case even when these vehicles were also rereleased with an additional six new vehicles as series two, but with different packaging. So depending on if you're into keeping your vehicles in their packaging you may want to consider which series to buy from.

Series one's packaging is purple on the left, and green on the right. Has the Monopoly Man in a car on the purple side and getting given some cash on the right. The five properties behind the car are Boardwalk, Luxury Tax (obscured by dice), Park Place, Chance and Short Line. There was a competition mentioned in the top left corner and on the back of the card.

Series two replaced the dice with a big "bonus game token" red and yellow arrow, just in case you hadn't noticed the token before. The properties were replaced by the orange ones as well as Community Chess, and the top half of the packaging has a blue background. The initial twelve cars and their bonus token including this one are exactly the same. If you're going to take them out and throw away the packaging then it matters not which series you buy, get whichever is cheaper.

This nicely detailed Mustang looks really good, yellow with a black grill and racing stripe down the side. This vehicle also has no side windows so if you're ever shrunk down to a really small size, you can get in and out Dukes of Hazzard style. The little guy with the moustache makes a few appearances on this car as well. The image where he receives $10 for coming second in a beauty contests is on the side as is his get out of jail free image. On the roof is the image of him going directly past Go wearing the giant boot.

The monopoly white texted words inside the red rectangle are on the bonnet and boot. As mentioned like all other vehicles in series one and two it comes with a bonus game token which is also very well detailed. Of course the ultimate Community Chess vehicle was released in the 70th Anniversay collection (release 5) and was the '56 Chevy school bus. I have all of the 12 first release Monopoly Johnny Lightning cars and highly recommend this vehicle to add to your collection. Johnny Lightning cars are always well done and much better detailed than anything Matchbox, Hot Wheels or anyone else puts out. --James N Simpson. See more.

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