Wednesday, January 14, 2009


The original Shelby Mustang was the 1960's GT500 and GT500 KR, or 'King of the Road', powered by a big block 428-cubic-inch 'Cobra Jet' V-8, making the GT500 one of the most powerful and memorable muscle cars of that period. With the look and legend you would expect from Shelby and the kind of power and performance enthusiasts have come to expect from the GT500 it's a brand-new era in the Mustang's future.

AutoArt have superbly captured the elegant and powerful line of the new GT500 eith their new model of the beast, made special by the addition of the Shelby Cobra badge on the grille and the wheel centres. This is a vehicle that any muscle car fan will have on their list as a 'must have'!Buy it now.

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