Saturday, January 24, 2009


From the 3rd release of Johnny Lightning Monopoly vehicles comes the Atlantic Ave 75 Mustang Cobra II bee coloured Racer. The car is mainly yellow (as the property set it is a part of is) with a black stripe going from the rear end of one side, around the front to the other rear end, along the back to where it started. There is also a black stripe going across the bonnet, roof and boot. On the roof you will also find a miniature version of the Atlantic Ave property card. Of course like all Johnny Lightning Monopoly vehicles in release 3 the bonus game token is a golden coloured one. It is a very nice miniature of the Mustang Cobra car. There were actually quite a few different series of Monopoly themed vehicles released after the initial 12 cars (which were incidentally released again with six additional vehicles as series 2). The 5th and 6th were both called 70th Anniversary Release. Johnny Lightning pretty much always make great vehicles, with attention to detail far better than anything Matchbox, Hot Wheels and other rivals put out and the Monopoly series is one of their best! --James N Simple Read more.

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