Monday, December 8, 2008


Hot Wheels are collector cool - more than 15 million people proudly collect Hot Wheels.
Follows the format, but expands on the details of the first edition of the popular Warman's Hot Wheels Field Guide. With one Hot Wheels car sold every six seconds, Mattel's reign on pocket-sized racers is at top speed as the company marks 40 years of die cast devotion. This new edition of the popular portable field guide offers you an extensive collection of Redlines, Blackwalls and Number Pack vehicle details, as well as a "Wheel Guide" for easy identification, not to mention up-to-date secondary market pricing and more than 500 fantastic color photos of some of the finest and most highly prized Hot Wheels cars ever produced. Just like Hot Wheels, this pint-sized guide is poised for top performance.
Michael Zarnock’s passion for die-cast cars puts him into the Guinness Book of World Records for owning the greatest variety of die-cast cars. He’s the author of two editions of Hot Wheels Variations and helped create the first editions of Warman’s Hot Wheels Field Guide, both published by Krause Publications . See more.

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