Monday, December 22, 2008


Die-cast Matchbox Models of Yesteryear No.Y8-1914 Sunbeam Motorcycle & Sidecar, it was produced in England by Lesney in 1962. The length is 6.7 cm. Matchbox produced diecast of motorcycle side towing car only 5 patterns : Triump Sidecar, Lambretta, Harley Davidson (2 models) and Sunbeam. If we might count only a group of Models of Yesteryear, it was produced only one style of this 1914 Sunbeam Sidecar.

Before becoming Sunbeam, John Marton started with cycle manufacture, going on to produce his first car, from Wolverhampton, in 1899. Sunbeam cars came into their own from 1909, with racing success. The company merged with Talbot (and Darracq) in 1920. This was another company which was to be financially rescued by the Rootes Group.

Later the Sunbeam name was again used on its own, even when the Rootes Group became part of Chrysler. The last Sunbeam car appeared in 1976.

This die-cast 1914 Sunbeam Notorcycle & Sidecar was produced 3 models, all of them has a different chromium color. It has a black, light green and dark green seat.
This die-cast is a silver plate motocycle with black seat and side car with green seat, plain wheels.


Starscream said...

Nice Classic Bike with Sidecar =)

UKD said...

yeah - I have the little chitty bang bang car - not in v good nick though in fact very poor indeed since it is well played with by brother when a wee lad about 400 years ago. interesting idea of a blog though - i just trotted along here as you were the next blog along....... interested to know though does it make any dough ray me??

Youkonton Ratarasarn said...

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is a nice model. Do you see it in my blog?