Saturday, December 20, 2008


Auto Art have released futher models of the famous Porsche 917K models from the 1970 and 1971 race seasons. As mentioned previously in Pit Stop, these were available from Universal Hobbies before under the Eagle's Race brand.

These versions, though, include a higher level of finish and accuracy, but they do cost significantly more. The version that I am reviewing this month is the Martini Racing Porsche Austria works entry that took part in the 1970 Kyalamai race in South Africa, driven by Siffert/Ahrens. Finished in the 'psychedelic' style used during this season by this team. For this race the car, carying race number two, ran in yellow and red livery.

As with the former model, this model's nose section is removable showing the radiator and fluid containers sited there. The gull-wing doors each swing upwards to reveal the fully detailed interior with the austere finish of the full-size car. (Reviewed from Model Collector) See more.

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