Tuesday, December 16, 2008


A new and most informative book for Matchbox collectors by one of America's foremost authorities. Matchbox toys are possibly the most popular collectible in America. People who grew up with die cast cars as children tend to love the toys as adults. The old toys have become scarce and variations of newer toys continue to fuel a popular passion "own each one." Enthusiasts collect not only the toys, but catalogs, collector buttons, and boxes. Pictures and text cover the major variations of the most popular series of die cast cars made by Lesney Products from 1947 to mid-1969. Included is a revised price guide and a list of organized clubs for collectors.

"I have the Superfast Years book and found it excellent, and now I bought the Regular Wheels years, I think this book it a big help for collector that are starting their first moves about collecting Matchbox toys. The price guide is accurate and there are photos of models includin King Size series, Grey wheels and Special sets. Of course, there are another books from this author that includes mores and better detailed photos, but this is perfect book for the first steps." (Reviewed by Casaza Pablo Ezequiet "book analyst")

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