Monday, December 8, 2008


Hot Wheels variations, even with minute differences, can be double the value of a collectible die-cast car. It's all in the details when you're dealing with Hot Wheels, and nothing is more detail driven than variations. Whether it's a slightly different shade of paint, a different wheel, interior or window, owning a variation can mean the difference between a $10 collector die-cast car and a rare find worth $500. This new edition of the ultimate guide to Hot Wheels variations features 4,000+ car listings, plus 2,200 large color photos to help you make smart investments and savvy assessment of your Hot Wheels collection.

About the AuthorAuthor/Freelance writer, Michael S. Zarnock writes Collector Guides and Articles about Hot Wheels® toy cars and is one of the worlds most respected authorities on Hot Wheels® and also holds a Guinness World Record ™ for his Hot Wheels® collection.

Some of Michael’s accomplishments over the years include racing Moto Cross as a teenager to building and driving many Show and Drag Cars as an adult. Some of those Drag Cars ended up being Street Racers for other people. Michael has many stories’ about those Street Racing days that he says he would like to put in a book, including the time he got kidnapped. He says, "Hey, It could happen. Who would have thought I would write books about Hot Wheels® ?"

The mid 1980’s brought another challenge to Michael when he became a singer/drummer and co-wrote songs in a band called "The Blister Tones". After 3 years and 3 Albums, the band split and he went back to working on his house and collecting Hot Wheels® again.

It’s come to be, that Michael has spent so much time and effort on his collection that he has become one of the world’s most respected authorities on Hot Wheels® and their variations.
So much so, that it prompted him to write a best selling Variation Guide called "The Ultimate Guide to Hot Wheels ® Variations", that went into it’s second printing. The 2nd. Edition is written and scheduled for a March 2004 release. He has also done the "Warmans' Hot Wheels® Field Guide", the Hot Wheels® Collector Numbers section in "The Standard Catalog of Die-Cast Vehicles", "Toys & Prices 2004" and a few others that are currently under development. All of these and future publications are available at Bookstores around the world. If you’re looking for up to date Hot Wheels® information, Michael is currently under contract with "Toy Cars & Models®" magazine where he writes a monthly Hot Wheels® Variation Guide. In his column he talks about the most current Variations to be looking for along with prices. See more.

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