Friday, December 26, 2008


Ertl's Bright Green 1970 Plymouth Superbird first appeared on the market about 2001. At that time, collectors and Superbird enthusiasts rushed to secure one. These cars have been difficult to find since those early days. Ertl's is a superb rendering of this automotive classic. The manufacturer has spared no effort in producing this mighty muscle car replica. The precision interior detailing is surpassed only by Ertl's exacting exterior presentation. The doors open wide, the hood raises over an accurately portrayed Mopar power plant (440 cid), and the steering wheel turns the front wheels (an Ertl trademark). The decals are exact (and properly located) giving the car the feeling of quality. Initial review of the car generates only appreciation for Ertl and its dedication to preserving the Roadrunner Superbird legend. Ertl's Green Superbird has almost doubled in price since its release. (An orange edition was offered after the Green Bird about 2002 and will also increase quickly in value. One hopes Ertl will produce more Superbird colors, how about Chrysler's rare Panther Pink?) In appears certain that this die cast metal car has hitched a ride on the now decade long Superbird craze (all Superbird items are daily and dramatically increasing in value). This car is an excellent investment! This Sublime Lime Superbird is an brilliant gift candidate. Who wouldn't love to own a Superbird!? Get yours soon. (Review by Readalots) Buy it now.

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