Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Die-cast Lledo No.DG 189006 ERF LV Low Loader and Boat Load-Robert Walker Ltd. Limited Edition. It could be able to use with a replica of the train, scaling “00”.

The origins of ERF in fact stem from Foden: the initials stand for Edwin Richard Foden, who with his son Dennis, and others from Foden, set up their own company in 1933. From the outset this has been a highly successful name in the truck industry. Until 2000 the company was located at Sanbach, but on being taken over by MAN moved to Middlewich. Models exist from many manufactures of ERF trucks of the post-war years up to the present day.

Robert Walker purchased his first truck in the mid 1930's to haul produce from his own and neighbouring market gardens to market.At the end of the Second World War, he diversified into general haulage and the business grew rapidly.Low loaders were added to the fleet in the during the 60's and 70's undertaking many unusual loads one of which was the ill fated 'Bluebird' boat on a countrywide exhibition during 1965.Today the Company is controlled by the third generation of the family and operates a fleet of specialised vehicles.
This die-cast had loaded a boat,the head trailer was painted deep red and alternated pale red, the trailer made of metal painted pale red with boat load, removable tires, clear windows, black interior, with limited edition cerfiticate.

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