Friday, October 10, 2008


Some military vehicles are shown here as part of the "Matchbox" series.

Military Ambulance (base on Fordson 4x4 ambulance of the 1950s); Lesney Matchbox Number 63, issued c1959.

Six-Wheeled Military Crane Truck (base on post-World War II 6x6 Scammell Explorer recovery vehicle) Lesney Matchbox Number 64, issued 1959.

DUKW Amphibious General Purpose Cargo Vehicle; Lesney Matchbox Number 55, 1959

Saracen Troop Carrier, with revolving turret (base on Alvis 6x6 armored personnel carrier); Lesney Matchbox Number 54, 1959

Austin MKII Radio Truck, Olive green body, with & without silver painted grille, headlights & bumper, Lesney Matchbox Number 68, 1959.

Austin 200 Gallon Water Truck, Olive green body, black plastic wheels, Lesney Matchbox Number 71, 1959

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