Thursday, October 23, 2008


The die-cast Britain’s No.BTN90 Land Rover Defender and Beaufort Double Horse Box Trailer, it was produced in England approximately in 1984. Horse Box Trailer was produced in the same England in 1979. The length is 12 cm. the horse box trailer is 14.3 cm.

The die-cast Land Rover is deep red, creamy roof, black interior, metallic steering wheel, complete with a driver who was painted by hand, removable tire; the underneath is metal including metallic pulling hook.

The real car of Defender was a model of the development from Land Rover Series III by improving it to be modernized, especially the system of the understructure and engine. It was assemble in 1983 up to the present time.

The underneath of the Horse Box Trailer is white metal. The body is deep red. It has 4 wheels, metallic wheel cover and a spare wheel attached to the side of the car. Inside the room could be divided to contain two horses. The doors in front and at the back are deep tan color. The doors could be collapsible as a gangway for the horse to enter the compartment.

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