Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Once in a while we would see a die-casting car of the UNICEF ORGANIZATION, especially the UNICEF which is accustom with the blessing card UNICEF.

UNICEF is an affiliated organization of the United Nations. It was established in 1946 in order to aid and looking after the children all over the world. It has ever received the Noble Prize. UNICEF entered Thailand in 1948. At present, it is still working to help Thai children.

In the past, we always saw Land Rover car with a logo of UNICEF running on the way of the rural areas, especially in the north of Thailand. The reason to use Land Rover, due to bumpy loads of literate soil mainly up and down the hills. For this reason, this die-casting car of UNICEF is Land Rover Series III. It was assembled by EFSI in Holland.

EFSI is a company who produced the die-casting car of Holland which was founded in 1963. This die-casting car is 7.5 cm. (1:63), blue color, “UNICEF” logo, white canvas roof, yellow signal light, black hook & base plate, orange windows and white interior.

This die-cast seemed to be produced in order to raise funds for the proverty children around the world. It regarded as a scant die-cast to find. Because since the beginning to collect the die-cast for more than 25 years, I just see this one.


David, UNICEF NZ said...

Hi, you might be interested in the 1/24th scale model UNICEF Land Rover available from UNICEF New Zealand www.unicef.org.nz/product/89/LandRoverModel.html

Sales help support UNICEF's work for children.

There is a short video of the Land Rover model at www.unicef.org.nz/page/43/n/598/UNICEFShopTheLandrover.html

David, UNICEF New Zealand

Youkonton Ratarasarn said...

Hi David
It’s a pleasure to know you. I worked for UNICEF Thailand for 13 years. I already purchased the car you suggested from UNICEF Bangkok. Thanks